This is a GREAT work ethic

A teenager was walking through snow and ice to a job interview 10 miles away. Not to a job, just to an interview for a possible minimum wage job. Along the way he asked someone how far it was to his destination. Hearing that it was 6 or 7 miles, he turned and kept on walking.

It happened that the someone was a restaurant owner. A bit later the owner was driving down the road and saw the teenager still walking. He pulled over, invited the teen to hop in, and that is when he learned the young man was walking to a job interview.

The restauranteur was so impressed with the youngster’s work ethic, that he told him if he didn’t get that job, there would be a job waiting for him at the restaurant.

The restaurant owner posted this story on Facebook and it went viral – more than 14,000 “like”s in just a couple of days.

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