Train wreck update

The problems with ObamaCare are not just the website. Actually, the website failure is perhaps the least of the problems. For those who managed to buy their insurance on the website, their problems are just beginning.

Consider this woman who discovered that having insurance and receiving health care are two different things. When she went to the hospital, she was told that her policy number didn’t work and she would have to pay for her care herself. Then a few days later, she received an ID card so she made an appointment.

When she got to her doctor, she was told that she had not designated him as her primary care physician so she could not see him. Next step was even more hours and hours on hold getting that straightened out. She finally has her next appointment and is hoping she’ll finally get the health care she wants.

(The title of this post I have stolen from the great Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame. ObamaCare is an ongoing train wreck and I expect many more posts in this series.)

Obama’s not a lame duck, he’s just lame

Peggy Noonan has a way with words:

I think we’re all agreed the president is fading—failing to lead, to break through, to show he’s not at the mercy of events but, to some degree at least, in command of them. He couldn’t get a win on gun control with 90% public support. When he speaks on immigration reform you get the sense he’s setting it back. He’s floundering on Syria. The looming crisis on implementation of ObamaCare has begun to fill the news. Even his allies are using the term “train wreck.” ObamaCare is not only the most slovenly written major law in modern American history, it is full of sneaked-in surprises people are just discovering. The Democrats of Washington took advantage of the country’s now-habitual distractedness: The country, now seeing what’s coming in terms of taxes and fees, will not be amused. Mr. Obama’s brilliant sequester strategy—scare the American public into supporting me—flopped. Congress is about to hold hearings on Boston and how the brothers Tsarnaev slipped through our huge law-enforcement and immigration systems. Benghazi and what appear to be its coverups drags on and will not go away; press secretary Jay Carney was reduced to saying it happened “a long time ago.” It happened in September. The economy is stuck in low-growth, employment in no-growth.