Amazing medical device for healing burns

This “skin cell gun” is an amazing device for healing 2nd degree burns. It is so incredible that I wondered if it was a hoax – but it is not. It is a very real, life-saving device.

The skin cell gun is like a paint sprayer but instead of paint it sprays skin cells. Doctors collect adult stem cells from the patient’s undamaged skin, place them in a sterile syringe then spray onto the burnt skin. Temporary dressings provide nutrition for the stem cells to grow and create new skin. Compared to the weeks or months of conventional treatment, the skin gun works in days and weeks.

The FDA still has not approved the device after more than 5 years of development, so it has been used for only a limited number of experimental procedures. Which raises the question of freedom of choice. If you are badly burnt should the decision of how to treat the burn be between you and your doctor or should the government make that choice for you? I suggest that the FDA’s approval be advisory, not prohibitory. If your doctor and you decide that the treatment is best for you, then the government should not have any right to stop you from employing a treatment that could save your life.

Oh, one other thing. ObamaCare created a new tax on medical devices such as the skin gun. People, especially those who have benefited from life-saving medical devices, worry that the new tax will discourage development of future devices.