Can YOU answer this Common Core question?

This question is from a Common Core quiz book for 1st graders.
How would you answer the question?

8 toys are in the chest.
6 toys are on the shelf.
Which can you use to
find how many toys in all?

A) 8 – 6 = 2
B) 6 + 2 = 8
C) 8 + 4 = 12
D) 10 + 4 = 14

I am at a loss for words.

The death of liberalism?

“ObamaCare” has become a verb

  • Football terminology, old: “He fumbled.” new: “He ObamaCared.”
  • Patriots just Obamacared on the five yard line
  • Patriots obamacared again!
  • I can’t remember the last time the Patriots Obamacared 3 times in a single quarter at home
  • Whoa now the chiefs just Obamacared
  • Ridley just #Obamacare’d the ball
  • “He Obamacared” – a phrase to describe a colossal whiff
  • WORD OF THE DAY: ObamaCare – To swindle, cheat, or defraud.

via Twitchy.

Higher premiums, fewer benefits

Yep. That’s ObamaCare for you. Some actual comments from the official ObamaCare Facebook page:

  • “These prices are outrageous and there are huge deductibles. No one can afford this!”
  • “apparently I make to [sic] much at 8.55/hour to get subsidies”
  • “my old Plan: 100% coverage for $545 a month. New [ObamaCare] Plan: 80% Coverage for $945 a month”
  • A single mother of two said she is in school and working full-time while living “75% below the poverty level.” She said she was shocked to learn she did not qualify for a healthcare subsidy. “Are you F’ing kidding me????”

And that’s just from the few people who were actually able to connect to the system. Just imagine how many more complaints there will be when if they get it to run well enough for more than a handful people to connect.

A form of child abuse?

Dan Mitchell ponders whether sending your child to a government school could be a form of child abuse.

I like these comments from one of the linked articles:

Our economy can grow like it used to only if minds are not encapsulated in limiting bubbles and actions restricted by boxes to prevent action, other than a rule to do no harm. Government has moved in every direction to limit thought and action, all of which discourages living out of the bubble and box.

Innovation, creative challenges to the way things are done, making waves and wakes, all those things that disturb the bureaucrats and civil servants among us, are the keys to boosting us back to prosperous times.


How is a young person going to learn if teachers do not respect their efforts on science projects and other mind expanding projects? Public schools are becoming very hazardous to our children.


Great headlines about Obama’s Syria speech


Members of Congress upset that ObamaCare applies to them

Forgive me my Schadenfreude, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. Members of Congress and their staffs are concerned about a provision in ObamaCare that requires them to obtain insurance through exchanges.

One House Democrat, speaking on condition of anonymity [oh but of course, anonymity], said, “This was a stupid provision that never should have gotten into the law.” Well, that’s what happens when you vote for a 2000-page bill without even reading it.

An interesting wrinkle that is symptomatic of the federal government’s incompetence: They have known about this “problem” for more than three years but they haven’t done anything about it.