Government solutions often have disastrous consequences

The problems of Obamacare’s or the negative consequences of the law should come as no surprise. … Government-program incentives tend to favor interest groups instead of rewarding success or punishing failure. … The health care law was designed to expand health care insurance coverage rather than to improve health outcomes — a choice that benefits the insurance industry without necessarily producing better and more affordable health care.

Those are just a few observations in a recent column by Veronique de Rugy. You probably haven’t heard of her but she is a brilliant scholar at the Mercatus Center. Here’s more:

Obamacare, like Medicare and Medicare Part D, is yet another law that concentrates benefits on older Americans (who are often active voters) at the expense of young and healthy ones (who aren’t as active voters). … government institutions themselves are inherently prone to bad decision-making, often choosing the interest of politically favored groups. … The institutions of government themselves are inherently incapable of performing certain tasks well even when the people in power are smart, compassionate and well-intentioned.

Read the whole thing. It’s short and very readable.