Self-defense is a Human Right

Its exercise shouldn't be limited to improvised or obsolete arms

Its exercise shouldn’t be limited to improvised or obsolete arms

Mass killers are leftists, not right wingers

The Arapahoe high schooler who tried to kill a teacher, and who did injure one student before killing himself was a self-described Keynesian, who mocked the free market, and hated Republicans. The mainstream media always hope that a killer will be an angry conservative, but it is always the opposite.

This time they knew that he was a socialist but they decided not to report that fact. Hey, if it fits the narrative, even if it is false, report it. If it does not fit the narrative, ignore it. It would be refreshing if they ever reported the simple facts and not their preconceived notions.

Tweeter Gabriel Malor chronicles a host of occasions where the media speculated that the killer was a conservative, Tea Partying, Right Wing Nut Job (RWNJ). Every time the media was wrong.

  • census-taker Bill Sparkman was found hanged. Media speculated it was Tea Party. (He killed himself.)
  • Joe Stack flew a small plane into an IRS building. Anti-tax TP rhetoric blamed. (He quoted from the Communist Manifesto.)
  • Amy Bishop shot colleagues at University of Alabama faculty meeting. Gun-loving Tea Party suspected. (She was an Obama voter.)
  • John Patrick Bedell shot two Pentagon security. A right-wing extremist, media asked? (A registered Democrat and 9/11 Truther.)
  • massive Times Square car bomb found. Bloomberg speculates it’s someone upset about ObamaCare. (Actually, plain vanilla jihadist scum.)
  • Muslim cabbie stabbed in NYC. Media speculates: a RWNJ? (Actually, a Lefty art student off his meds.)
  • James Lee took hostages at Discovery Channel HQ. Media speculates: climate change denier? (An environmentalist who hates humans.)
  • Jared Lee Loughner shot up campaign event of Rep. Giffords. Media: TP rhetoric is to blame. (An apolitical conspiracy theorist.)
  • James Holmes shot up theater in Aurora, CO. Brian Ross suggests he’s a TPer on live TV. (Just another unmedicated nutter.)
  • Tsarnaev brothers bombed Boston Marathon. Media suggests RWNJ commemorating “Patriot’s Day.” (Actually, just more jihadist scum.)
  • recently the media retroactively blamed right wing for JFK assassination. (Actually, Oswald was a communist defector.)
  • several more at the link.

Will the MSM ever acknowledge that it is leftists, not conservatives who do the killings?

Gun control myths demolished

This video does a good job of demolishing some gun control myths, e.g. “gun control prevents gun crime”. To those of us who remember that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, there is no surprise in the video itself. The only surprise is that it was broadcast prime time by ABC News (20/20).

  • Since Washington’s gun ban passed, the murder rate actually increased, even while in the rest of the country it went down.
  • Guns can also save lives.
  • Just pulling out the gun was enough to stop [the bad guys].
  • In the 40 states that allow concealed carry, there is no more violent crime than in states where guns are restricted.
  • After Kennesaw, GA required every home to have a gun, violent crime decreased.
  • Felons said they feared an armed victim much more than the police.
  • Felons said they didn’t worry about gun laws, they would carry a gun anyway.
  • We don’t know how often guns stopped criminals because who reports a crime that didn’t happen?
  • People use guns in self-defense every day. Often, just showing the gun is enough to stop the crime.
  • The National Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of studies and could not document a single gun regulation that reduced violent crime.
  • If some [bad guy] gets in your house, which would you rather have: a handgun or a telephone?

The timing of this story is a bit strange. The blogosphere has had at least a dozen posts on this video in the last month. But it was originally broadcast in December 2010. Every few months since then another post appears as if the story is new. I don’t know why there was a flurry of activity this past October.

Mom brandishes gun to protect family

When a would-be home invader tried to kick in her door at 5 am, Betty Collins grabbed her .357 revolver, went to the door, and ordered the attacker to leave. When he saw her gun, he laid down and waited for the police.

Four months later, another criminal tried to steal a bike from her front porch. Once again, she brought out her gun, and subdued the man until the police arrived.

These events are almost so common as to be not worth reporting. The story made the paper probably because it was a woman brandishing the gun, and it happened twice just four months apart.

This kind of thing happens more than a million times each year. A law abiding citizen displays a gun, doesn’t even try to shoot it, but scares away the criminal or forces him to surrender to the police.

Those who say that guns are designed for one thing, killing people, simply do not know that guns are used far, far more often to defend the good guys against the bad guys who would harm them.

Why didn’t this make the news?

A man shoots and kills a teenager, claims self-defense, gets acquitted. The victim’s family claim that he was a good kid. The shooter says the kid charged at him yelling that he would get the shooter. The jury believed that it was legitimate self-defense. Why did that story not make the news?

You say that the Trayvon Martin story was all over the news. How could I have missed it?

No, I’m talking about a black man lawfully carrying a pistol, killing a white teenager in self-defense, and being acquitted by the jury.

The media was all over a story that they thought was about a white man killing a black kid in self-defense, but totally ignores a very similar story about a black man killing a white kid in self-defense.

Americans Own Nearly Half of the Privately Owned Guns on Earth

That’s awesome! (as Glenn Reynolds says) In less than 20 years the number has grown from about 200 million to almost 300 million guns in the U.S. With Obama as the best gun salesman in history, it might not be long until we have one gun for every man, woman, and child.

The more that law-abiding citizens are armed to protect themselves, their families, their communities, the more that criminals know that fact, the more those criminals will fear the innocent citizens around them and the safer those law-abiding citizens will be.