Bill of Rights Day

On December 15, Cato reminded us that Today is Bill of Rights Day. Sadly, it is less a day to celebrate our rights than to mourn their loss.

  • Free speech is limited in the name of national security or campaign finance reform.
  • The Government makes it difficult to keep a gun at home or to bear a gun for self-defense.
  • It uses eminent domain to take our property and give it to a business.
  • We don’t have the protection of trial by jury when the government issues draconian fines.
  • Federal control intrudes into matters the Constitution reserves for the states or the people.

All in all only a single Amendment is still in fine shape. [Identify for yourself which one.]

Cato concludes:

A free society does not just “happen.” It has to be deliberately created and deliberately maintained. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. To remind our fellow citizens of their responsibility in that regard, the Cato Institute has distributed more than five million copies of our pocket Constitution. At this time of year, it’ll make a great stocking stuffer.