No, it’s not a parody

This Tweet is from the official Barack Obama Twitter account, now run by his OFA team.


Twitchy has some of the reactions:

  • In all seriousness, the person tweeting for the @BarackObama handle must be a tea party plant.
  • So this is who Barack Obama views as his constituency. Oh boy.
  • Pat Sajak: If I were sitting with #PajamaBoy, health insurance would be way down on the list of thing we needed to talk about.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of spoofs are flying around the twitter universe. E.g.



An Argument for the Oxford Comma

Okay, I am a nerd. And yes, I do prefer the Oxford comma. And this is a good example of why:

… highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector.

From the comments:

If I ruled the world, the Oxford comma would be required by law. But then my world wouldn’t be nearly as funny as this one, in which Mandela is a very old dildo-collecting demigod.

Also in the comments is another good example favoring the Oxford comma:

I’d like to thank my parents, George W. Bush and Oprah Winfrey.

Consider yourself normal if you have no idea what an Oxford comma is.

The Cupertino effect

We’ve all seen hilarious autocorrections from spell checkers. This collection will have you laughing so hard you cry.

It turns out that there is a name for those crazily inappropriate autocorrections. It is called the Cupertino effect. Some early spell checkers had “co-operation” as a hyphenated word but did not have the unhyphenated “cooperation”. Their dictionaries did include the word “Cupertino” so the spell checkers happily “corrected” the (already correct) word “cooperation” with “Cupertino”.

The result was even some official documents ended up as “South Asian Association for Regional Cupertino” and “presentation on African-German Cupertino.”

Don’t trust spell checkers.