Is this where food stamps should go?

A woman called to check her food stamp balance. It was about $400 because she didn’t know she was still getting benefits. She tweeted that she “might let them build up and sell them.” After all, she has a cable bill of $140 to pay.

She has an iPhone (how much does that cost per month?), WiFi, and “needs to smoke me a joint” so she is going to call her “weed man.”

Her air conditioner is cranked up high “It’s soooo cold in my house. Everybody keep telling me to turn the AC off.”

She has money to spend at Hooters, IHOP, and TGIF Fridays. “I needed to take myself out. I had a rough week.” She is going to buy a new iPad for her mother.

All this we know via her Tweets. What more don’t we know about this food stamp recipient?

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