Did you know …

… that there are there are 85 ways to knot a necktie? There is even a book on the subject. The authors prove mathematically that 85 is precisely the number of knots that have up to 9 moves.

Of those 85 knots, only 13 are “aesthetic”, based on mathematical criteria of shape, symmetry, and balance. These 13 plus 3 variants all have name and have been in use for decades, if not centuries – long before anyone realized there was a mathematical foundation for each one.

You probably have heard of the Windsor knot, and know that it was named after the Duke of Windsor. That much is true but the Duke did not actually wear a Windsor knot. Read here to learn the rest of the story.

Almost everybody uses the Four-in-hand knot. I never liked the asymmetric appearance of that knot so I eventually learned to tie what I thought was a half-Windsor, which is nicely symmetrical. Now I know it is actually a Nicky knot.

Is this enough useless knowledge for the day?

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