Some good news from the elections

Republicans did well in many unexpected places:

GOP sweeps Erie County (NY)

County Republicans scored an election sweep Tuesday, winning control of the County Legislature while retaining the offices of sheriff and comptroller in the Democratic stronghold of Erie County.

In New York, Republicans re-elected county executives in Westchester and Nassau Counties, captured the mayoralty in Binghamton and a majority of the county legislature in Erie County for the first time since 1977, and won a special election for the state Assembly in Suffolk County.

The common denominator of winning Republicans in the Empire State was opposition to taxes and championship of small government.

In Connecticut, Republicans had an extraordinary Tuesday as they swept the shoreline of the Nutmeg State and won mayoral races in such blue-collar Democratic bastions as Bristol, Meriden, and New Britain.

“You could say ‘a star is born’ in New Britain, which has a Democratic voter registration edge of 6-to-1,” state Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. told Newsmax. He was referring to 26-year-old Erin Stewart, who unseated Democratic Mayor Tim O’Brien in one of the biggest upsets anywhere in the nation Tuesday.

Colorado income tax hike lost big. An almost $1 billion tax increase “on the rich” and “for the kids” (i.e. for the teachers’ unions) lost by almost 2:1. Supporters spent about $10 million to the opponents’ $11,000.
Even in Virginia there were some silver linings. You probably know that the Republican was outspent more than 2:1, that there was a faux-Libertarian (funded by a Democrat), who took many more votes than the margin of difference. You may not have heard that the Republican won the Independent vote and won married women.
To the extent that Virginia says anything nationally, and it’s easy to over-interpret it, it says that even an outspent and outgunned candidate leading a divided party can make serious headway just by pounding a single issue: Obamacare.
  • Obamacare almost killed McAuliffe
  • Cuccinelli might have won if he had more money

Democrat Gov. Shumlin (VT) says that the McAuliffe race will be the model for 2014. Republican strategists replied:

that they wouldn’t be concerned if Democrats used the McAuliffe model in upcoming elections, noting that he lost married women, health care voters and independents while outspending Cuccinelli by a wide margin to win the election by just 2.5 percentage points.

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