Why are we talking about Ayotte’s race in 2016?

We should be talking about Shaheen’s race in 2014. This Roll Call story, “New Hampshire Braces for Ayotte Race in 2016” is just one illustration of how messed up is our political discourse.

Shaheen stands back out of the spotlight, trying to avoid anything controversial, feigning the appearance of bipartisanship, occasionally saying something that sounds nice. Meanwhile, down in Washington she continually votes as one of the most partisan of all Senators. Say one thing in New Hampshire, vote the other way down in Washington. That’s what too many politicians do.

Ayotte can’t seem to avoid the spotlight, involves herself in every controversy, occasionally talks bipartisanship – even appearing with Jeanne Shaheen.

If you asked the man on the street who is up for reelection for U.S. Senate next year, I bet most would answer Ayotte.

It would be better for Ayotte herself, and much better for the real Senate race next year, if Shaheen were brought out of the shadows and everyone were talking about Shaheen, not Ayotte.

Can Ayotte bring herself to be quiet for the next year? Can pundits expose the real Jeanne Shaheen – the nice talking but badly voting Shaheen – next year?


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