Gun control myths demolished

This video does a good job of demolishing some gun control myths, e.g. “gun control prevents gun crime”. To those of us who remember that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, there is no surprise in the video itself. The only surprise is that it was broadcast prime time by ABC News (20/20).

  • Since Washington’s gun ban passed, the murder rate actually increased, even while in the rest of the country it went down.
  • Guns can also save lives.
  • Just pulling out the gun was enough to stop [the bad guys].
  • In the 40 states that allow concealed carry, there is no more violent crime than in states where guns are restricted.
  • After Kennesaw, GA required every home to have a gun, violent crime decreased.
  • Felons said they feared an armed victim much more than the police.
  • Felons said they didn’t worry about gun laws, they would carry a gun anyway.
  • We don’t know how often guns stopped criminals because who reports a crime that didn’t happen?
  • People use guns in self-defense every day. Often, just showing the gun is enough to stop the crime.
  • The National Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of studies and could not document a single gun regulation that reduced violent crime.
  • If some [bad guy] gets in your house, which would you rather have: a handgun or a telephone?

The timing of this story is a bit strange. The blogosphere has had at least a dozen posts on this video in the last month. But it was originally broadcast in December 2010. Every few months since then another post appears as if the story is new. I don’t know why there was a flurry of activity this past October.

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