NY doctors avoiding ObamaCare like the plague

44% of New York MDs refuse to participate in ObamaCare; 33% are unsure whether they will or not. Of the 23% who are participating, three-quarters said it was because they were contractually obligated, leaving a mere 6% who actually want to join in ObamaCare. Those are some of the results of a poll reported in the NY Post.

Even more telling are some of the doctors’ comments.

  • “This is so poorly designed that a lot of doctors are afraid to participate.”
  • “I plan to retire if this disaster is implemented. This is a train wreck.”
  •  “The solution is simple: Just say no.”
  • “I am seriously considering opting out of all insurance plans including Medicare because of [ObamaCare].”
  • “OBAMACARE is a disaster. I have already seen denial of medication, denial of referrals,”
  • “I get screwed from insurance companies already. I refuse to get screwed any longer.”

The politicians can force companies to provide insurance for their employees; they can force individuals to buy insurance. But they cannot force doctors to provide actual health care.


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