Should these bureaucrats be shut down permanently?

Bureaucrats at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service average $120,000 in pay and here are some of the things they buy for themselves with their federal purchase cards:

  • leased a $53,000 car for private use
  • rented a storage locker near a top officer’s home – filled with the employee’s personal goods
  • ditto, a storage area for a second employee’s goods. Nobody at the agency had keys for either storage area.
  • $58,000 to what appears to be a sham company set up by one of the top officers, and which did absolutely nothing
  • hundreds of dollars every month for phone, internet, and cell service for one employee at his home office, his second home, and for his wife

The FMCS is one more example of Mitchell’s First Theorem, that government is a racket for the enrichment of bureaucrats.

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