Mom brandishes gun to protect family

When a would-be home invader tried to kick in her door at 5 am, Betty Collins grabbed her .357 revolver, went to the door, and ordered the attacker to leave. When he saw her gun, he laid down and waited for the police.

Four months later, another criminal tried to steal a bike from her front porch. Once again, she brought out her gun, and subdued the man until the police arrived.

These events are almost so common as to be not worth reporting. The story made the paper probably because it was a woman brandishing the gun, and it happened twice just four months apart.

This kind of thing happens more than a million times each year. A law abiding citizen displays a gun, doesn’t even try to shoot it, but scares away the criminal or forces him to surrender to the police.

Those who say that guns are designed for one thing, killing people, simply do not know that guns are used far, far more often to defend the good guys against the bad guys who would harm them.

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