Colorado recall elections bigger than we realized

By now, you have heard the news that two State Senators – one actually the President of the Senate – lost recall elections due to their votes for gun control and against Due Process.

You probably did not know that:

  • These were the only successful recall elections in the 100 years since the recall law was passed.
  • Obama carried both districts by 20% last year.
  • Pro-gun control forces spent much more than the pro gun rights forces – about $3 million to about half a million.
  • Signers of the recall petitions were about 20% Democrat. Together, Independents and Democrats outnumbered Republican signers.
  • In the Giron district, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 47% to 23%.

Gun rights supporters, i.e. supporters of the civil right to bear arms to defend self, family, and community, knew that many Democrats also defend that right. Now the whole country knows it.

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