A cri de coeur from a teacher

“A school in which I used to teach was failing. Is failing. Has always failed. Our staff … couldn’t make a dent in that school. … The only reason that the 60% of the kids who bothered to show up daily even came to school was for the 2 free meals and the climate control.” Such is the lament of a frustrated teacher.

Here are a few more highlights (lowlights?):

  • [The kids] had no desire to learn. They did not CARE if they failed.
  • [They] were usually passed up to their current grade based on age
  • I had kids who read at 2nd grade level [in 11th grade]
  • 4 years of prison-without-bars, as [some kids] called it.

Money is not the answer. This teacher says that the failing school had “great gobs of money”. The school that teacher finally moved to has very little money – “I have to buy my own equipment. All of it.” – but that school is succeeding.

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