Members of Congress upset that ObamaCare applies to them

Forgive me my Schadenfreude, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. Members of Congress and their staffs are concerned about a provision in ObamaCare that requires them to obtain insurance through exchanges.

One House Democrat, speaking on condition of anonymity [oh but of course, anonymity], said, “This was a stupid provision that never should have gotten into the law.” Well, that’s what happens when you vote for a 2000-page bill without even reading it.

An interesting wrinkle that is symptomatic of the federal government’s incompetence: They have known about this “problem” for more than three years but they haven’t done anything about it.

Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution

America’s Way Back: Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution by American Conservative Union vice chairman, Don Devine – I haven’t read it myself but it has some good recommendations.

Its cover shows two buttons: “Proud to be a libertarian” and “Celebrate traditional values”. Rand Paul declares it “The solution for the modern GOP . . . This book provides plenty of intellectual ammunition for the modern conservative movement.”

From the Amazon blurb:

Devine, a longtime adviser to Ronald Reagan, lays out a powerful case for the philosophical synthesis of freedom and tradition that Reagan said was the essence of modern conservatism. The secret of America’s success, he shows, has been the Constitution’s capacity to harmonize the twin ideals of freedom and tradition. But today, progressivism has so corrupted modern political thinking—in both parties—that leaders keep calling for the same failed tactics: more money poured into more big-government programs.

In America’s Way Back, Devine not only reveals where things went wrong, and why, but also points the way to reclaiming America’s freedom, prosperity, and creativity. The solution lies in a new “fusion” of traditional and libertarian thought.

Devine debunks the common view that marrying the two is nothing more than political calculation. He shows that without a deep philosophical commitment to harmonizing freedom and tradition, neither of these ideals can long survive.

Government Motors Is Alive And Detroit Is Dead

The fundamental transformation of Detroit is complete, as socialism’s theme park succumbs to government run amok, a reminder that government isn’t the solution to our problems but their cause.

Detroit’s response to a declining business climate was more taxes, fewer city services and bloated pensions for workers in the only growth area — government.

In the face of government incompetence, it was the people of Detroit who went on strike. More than a million people moved out.

Detroit is the rotten fruit of uncontested progressive socialism. In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the U.S.; today, it’s the poorest of our large cities.

— from Investor’s Business Daily

Liberal policies produced something resembling hell

Michael Barone writes, “When people ask me why I moved from liberal to conservative, I have a one-word answer: Detroit. I grew up there, on a middle-class grid street in northwest Detroit …  I got a job as an intern in the office of the mayor in the summer of 1967 when Detroit rioted. I was at the side of Mayor Jerome Cavanagh … during the six days and nights in which 43 people, mostly innocent bystanders, died. I listened to the radio in the police commissioner’s office as commanders announced, shortly after sundown, that they were abandoning one square mile after another.

“Cavanagh was bright, young, liberal, and charming. He had been elected in 1961 at age 33 with virtually unanimous support from blacks and with substantial support from white homeowners—then the majority of Detroit voters—and he was reelected by a wide margin in 1965. … He was one of the first mayors to set up an antipoverty program and believed that city governments could do more than provide routine services; they could lift people, especially black people, out of poverty and into productive lives. Liberal policies promised to produce something like heaven. Instead they produced something more closely resembling hell.”

Even Moderate Democrats are Quitting on Obamacare

Just 46% of moderate and conservative Democrats support ObamaCare according to a Washington Post – ABC News poll. Some cynics would question whether there are any moderates or conservatives in the Democratic party, but 57% of Democrats describe themselves thus.

Among all Democrats, a full 25% strongly oppose ObamaCare. Among all adults, “strongly oppose” outranks “strongly support” by 39%-25%. Include the “somewhats” and the numbers are 49% oppose, 42% support.

Why didn’t this make the news?

A man shoots and kills a teenager, claims self-defense, gets acquitted. The victim’s family claim that he was a good kid. The shooter says the kid charged at him yelling that he would get the shooter. The jury believed that it was legitimate self-defense. Why did that story not make the news?

You say that the Trayvon Martin story was all over the news. How could I have missed it?

No, I’m talking about a black man lawfully carrying a pistol, killing a white teenager in self-defense, and being acquitted by the jury.

The media was all over a story that they thought was about a white man killing a black kid in self-defense, but totally ignores a very similar story about a black man killing a white kid in self-defense.