10 days later, FBI still can’t get story straight

The changing stories make one wonder. A man who knew one of the Boston bombers was shot and killed by an FBI agent during an interview on May 22. Initial reports said that Ibragim Todashev was shot “after he lunged at an FBI agent with a knife.” Three days later the story was similar: he had “overturned a table and attacked the agent with a blade.”

But a week later, May 29, FBI sources said there was no knife, that Todashev “pushed a table and possibly threw a chair”. The next day there was Yet Another Explanation that Todashev was running at the agent with a metal pole that “might have been a broomstick”. They can’t say whether it was or was not a broomstick?

Other reports indicate that Todashev was shot up to seven times, including once in the back of his head.

There appears to be no doubt that Todashev was a bad guy but has the FBI become so incompetent they can’t get the story straight within just a couple of days?

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