This is all too believable

When the Benghazi crisis unfolded, Obama surrounded himself with people who had even less experience and expertise than himself. His advisors are for the most part 1) good with words; 2) focused on politics; and 3) revere Obama.

Obama prefers to be surrounded by politically astute sycophants who are in way over their heads and don’t realize it. That way he is less likely to be threatened or challenged.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor has a Master’s degree in fiction writing. He has absolutely no education in national security, no military experience, no international experience. But he is a talented speechwriter. And so he helps make foreign policy.

All of Obama’s other close advisors, including Hillary and Obama himself, are political types with no expertise in foreign policy or national security.

So they are a bunch of rank amateurs who literally have no idea what they were doing except in the political sense. And then when things went bad, they lied about it—using their words to try to get out of a jam, with the help of their friends in the MSM. It’s worked for them in the past, and might well work again.

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