Ten home-schooled children enter college by age 12

Ten children home-schooled. Six entered college by age 12; the other four maybe earlier – the 10-year old plans to take her college exams next year. A doctor – one of the youngest in history, an architect at age 15,  an M.S. by age 17, a college senior at 14. It just goes on and on. An amazing family but they say they are just  ‘average folks’.

“[T]he Harding children insist they are not geniuses. Instead, they credit their achievements to home-schooling, as well as a concentrated focus on their passions, which their parents taught them to hone in on from an early age.”

The parents are “convinced that all children have the capacity to learn at the rate theirs have. [They] have written a book to illustrate their teaching method and launched a website detailing their unique approach.”


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