Charter school experiment a success

So says USA Today. Twenty years of evidence leave little doubt “that top-performing charters have introduced new educational models that have already achieved startling results in even the most difficult circumstance.”

“It’s indisputable that the good [charter schools] — most prominently, KIPP — are onto something. The non-profit company, which now has 125 schools, operates on a model that demands much more of students, parents and teachers than the typical school does. School days are longer, sometimes including Saturday classes. Homework burdens are higher, typically two hours a night. Grading is tougher. Expectations are high, as is the quality of teachers and principals, and so are the results.”

A five-year study of KIPP schools found “improved student achievement in math, reading, science and social studies.”

USA editorializes that “The sooner educators figure out how to replicate charter successes, the better off students will be.”