Billions bilked from the government

Do you remember a few months ago the story of a kindly cop giving a pair of boots to a barefoot homeless guy? Well it turns out the guy was nothing but a scam artist. He had an apartment, at least 30 pairs of shoes, and a pretty good cash income.

The same thing happens on a much larger scale with out government. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that fraudulent Medicare payments amount to at least $17 billion per annum. Other estimates run as high as $110 billion.

The prescription-drug benefit is “staggeringly complicated and largely incomprehensible to the very population it was intended to help . . .the drug program’s very complexity is a source of fraud.”

In the current jobless “recovery” millions of people file for disability after their unemployment runs out. Many of the claims might be personality disorders or imaginary illnesses but the result is a record 18 million people collecting $170 billion each year.

Fictitious patients, organized crime, sham companies, kickbacks – as long as the paperwork is properly filled out it is all too easy to bilk taxpayer money from the government. The GAO estimates $100 billion per year cost to the taxpayer.