Outdated laws waste billions

Do we really need a Rural Electrification Administration? Created in 1935 when only 11% of farms had electricity, surely it reached its goal when almost every farm had electricity more than 60 years ago. Renamed the Rural Utilities Service almost 20 years ago, today it consumes $578 million of taxpayer money.

That is just one example of laws and regulations that might have made sense when first created long ago. Now in very different times does it make sense to have farm subsidies that mostly go to millionaires and billionaires?

When you go to the store, do you worry that the price of raisins is too low? Should the government make the price higher? Fear not, the Raisin Administrative Committee is on the job. This is another 1930s agency which orders farmers to turn over 47% of their crop to the government. Why? Don’t ask me.

Three quarters of voters believe that obsolete laws and regulations waste billions of dollars. More than 9 out of 10 think that it would be a god idea to review all regulations at least once every ten years to make sure they work.