Man with concealed pistol saves woman from beating

Defending self, family, and community – that is why many of us think the right to have and to carry a firearm is so important. Here is just one example:

Charlie Blackmore was driving home from work when he saw a large man kicking a woman on the ground. He pulled over and told the man to stop. When the assailant headed toward Blackmore, he pulled his 9 mm pistol and called the police.

When police arrived they arrested the attacker and later thanked Blackmore, “He stopped the assault. No shots were fired. He wasn’t hurt and the victim was treated. We are grateful it turned out the way it did.”

I especially like this comment from the county sheriff:

“I want to get to a day when acts like this are viewed as a citizen doing their civic duty. Criminals have got to be reassessing things right now. They have to be asking themselves if it is worth it anymore, might they face resistance or be shot? That’s a good thing.”

Firearms in the hands of the good guys are not “assault weapons”, they are defensive weapons. Most of the time, like this one, they can stop a dreadful crime without a single shot being fired.