Bill would trivialize NH electoral votes

If The Telegraph is concerned about changes to the Electoral College (Feb. 5 editorial: “GOP scheme eyes Electoral College”), it need not look to hypothetical changes in distant states.

It should look closer to home at real changes being proposed by Democrats right here in New Hampshire.

HB 148 proposes to have New Hampshire’s four electoral votes awarded not to the person who wins the most votes in New Hampshire, but to who wins the popular vote nationwide. Even if New Hampshire votes overwhelmingly for one candidate, our votes could be awarded to the other candidate.

Shouldn’t New Hampshire’s electoral votes be decided by New Hampshire voters?

The Democratic sponsor of this misguided proposal would have our votes determined more by what happens in California than what happens in New Hampshire.

If this bill were passed, then presidential candidates soon would stop coming to New Hampshire at all. They would spend almost all of their time in the heavily populated states.

If they can win New Hampshire’s electoral votes by campaigning in New York and Texas for millions of votes, then why spend time in New Hampshire looking for thousands of votes?

Does The Telegraph agree that our electoral votes should be decided in New Hampshire, not in a few very big states?

(printed in The Nashua Telegraph, February 8.)