LTE – The Country is on the Wrong Track

Is the country headed in the right direction or on the wrong track? Consider:
– There have been 43 months with unemployment above 8%. That is more months of high unemployment than the previous eleven Presidents combined.
– Over eight million people have given up looking for a job. If the government counted them as unemployed, the true unemployment would be 18-19%.
– Gas prices have more than doubled in four years – from about $1.90 to almost $4.00.
– Median income has fallen for three straight years – dropping $2500.
– The number of people in poverty has increased for three straight years.
– The number needing food stamps has grown 15 million, almost 50%.

The so-called recovery is the worst in over 70 years. It should be no surprise that, by a 2:1 margin, people think we are on the wrong track. The economy is being ruined by a huge federal government borrowing gigantic sums of money to spend massive amounts (often on rich political contributors) and imposing onerous regulations on those businesses that manage to survive.

There are two theories about how government can help the economy. One has worked every time it has been tried. That way is to reduce spending, lower taxes, lessen the regulatory burden – in short to increase freedom. The other way has never worked. That way is to increase spending, borrow money to “stimulate” the economy, increase regulations – to give more power to government, leaving less freedom for individuals. That failed in Asia, failed in Europe, failed all around the world.

The Democrat candidates from Obama on down want to stay on the wrong track, to continue their failed policies at the federal level, and even to bring those same failed ideas to New Hampshire. Their “solution” to every problem is continually bigger government, more regulations, and massive spending.

We Republican candidates know that the country is on the wrong track, that we must change direction. We favor limited government; doing a few things well rather than a great many things badly. We will work for less spending, fewer regulations, and lower taxes.

Please help us get the big spenders and regulators out of Washington and keep them out of Concord.

(Printed in Intertown Record, September 29)

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