LTE – reply regarding “trickle down”

Re “Trickle-down just doesn’t work” (Robert A. Davitt, Monitor letter, Sept. 21):

Davitt repeats all the tired excuses for the inexcusable actions of the Left. One wonders when his side will ever admit that its policies have not worked; they have only made things much worse. The so-called stimulus programs have been utter failures. The bailouts did nothing but reward the politicians’ friends.

Davitt suggests that spending, spending, spending is the cure to all our economic problems. The simple truth is that you cannot keep spending money you don’t have. The federal government cannot keep borrowing hitherto unimaginable sums. It cannot add thousands of pages of regulations costing tens of billions of dollars without hurting the small businesses that are the creators of jobs.

Federal regulations are at an all-time high of more than 81,000 pages. More than 4,200 more regulations are currently in the works; 845 of those affect small business.

All together, federal regulations cost our economy nearly $1.8 trillion just in compliance costs.

Want jobs?

With a stroke of the pen, President Obama could sign an executive order opening our vast energy resources for drilling and mining. That would create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs – most estimates are more than 100,000 jobs – and would immediately cause a lowering of gas prices.

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