Bigger government or smaller government?

“Do you prefer a more active government with more services and higher taxes or a smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes?”

That is a question that pollster Rasmussen Reports has been asking since 2006. Americans have consistently answered: smaller government. In a recent poll, voters answered 64% in favor of smaller government to only 25% favoring larger government.

This election is a turning point. Will we turn left or right? Will we turn to bigger government controlling more of our lives, or to limited government where we have more freedom to control our own lives? Will we turn to higher and higher spending and insane borrowing or will we turn to fiscal sanity?

The Democrat party leadership favors bigger and bigger government, more and more spending, and more and more power for themselves. (Among Democrat voters just over half want big government, while almost one-third want smaller government.)

The Republican party favors smaller more-limited government, lower spending, and more power in the hands of individuals, not government. (86% of Republican voters prefer small government. Sadly, Republican leaders have too often been guilty of endorsing big government, big spending and big borrowing. During this year’s primaries many of these leaders were voted out of office by the grassroots.)

So the choice is easy: if you want big government, big spending, and higher taxes vote Democrat. If you want smaller government, less spending, and lower taxes vote Republican.